Generac CorePower Series 5837 Review

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Anyone who has been searching for a small standby generator knows that they haven’t got many models to choose from, resulting in the person having no choice but to opt for a portable generator instead.

However, this has changed with the release of the Generac CorePower Series 5837, as it offers individuals a compact home standby generator which is priced similarly to a portable generator.

So if you were thinking about spending that money you’ve set aside for a generator on a portable one, think again and consider the popular and highly rated Generac 5837, which took home the Popular Mechanics Editor Choice Award at the National Hardware Show (the Generac Guardian Series 5875 also certainly shouldn’t be overlooked).


The Generac 5837 has been designed very well, and it’s clear that the company spent a lot of time to get the design just right. For starters, the unit is rust-proof and can withstand the harshest of conditions, thanks to being housed in an air-cooled composite polymer disclosure.

It operates 25% more efficiently than a revolving armature generator, thanks to the use of a revolving field alternator design.

The housing unit is both compact and light; in fact, it’s lighter and more compact than the vast majority of other standby generators on the market. This is advantageous because it ensures that you can place the unit into small or tight spaces.

The potential damage that voltage spikes can cause is not an issue thanks to the Automatic Voltage Regulation feature.

Finally, there is also no need to worry about creating a concrete base, as a composite mounting pad has been included.


Installing the Generac CorePower Series 5837 is really quite a simple process, which is largely down to the removable sides which require no tools to remove. Not only do we appreciate this aspect of the design when it comes to installing the generator but also for future maintenance purposes.

However, please keep in mind that you will need a car battery if you’re planning on installing the unit by yourself.


The Generac 5837 manages to output 7kw of standby power and surprisingly comes with an 8 circuit load center style 50 Amp automatic transfer switch. Why is this surprising? Well simply because this is a rarity for generators at this price point

The 5837 uses the highly regarded OVH engine, which is known for it durability; and with 7,000 watts of electricity to work with, it is powerful enough to comfortably run key home electrical devices and appliances.

However, perhaps best of all is the fact that once the device detects a power cut, the automatic transfer switch only takes 30 seconds to kick the generator into gear.


According to Generac, theĀ Generac CorePower Series 5837 is approximately 10 decibels quieter than other units in its class, making it a good choice for anyone who is looking for a generator which makes a minimal amount of noise.

The main reason for this is thanks to the inclusion of a muffler inside the unit, leading us to question why other manufacturers of generators haven’t thought about adding this simple yet vital feature inside their generators.

Of course, it is also much quieter than a portable generator as well, which for many is a key factor in deciding which type of generator to purchase.


This standby generator comes with a 2-year warranty.


24.4 x 30.2 x 33 inches

250 pounds

Generac CorePower Series 5837 Reviews

The Generac 5837 has been met with very favorable reviews, with owners praising the unit’s ease of installation, design, power capabilities and price. Surprisingly, there has been very little to complain about, although this may have changed since we last checked.

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